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Amalia Calligraphy is a Calligraphy Design Studio, ready to create Custom Luxury Wedding Invitations. When it comes to Bespoke Wedding Invitations, it’s all about craftsmanship! Handmade Wedding Invitations is the new Luxurious Stationery for Weddings! We design and write each item, creating this way Unique Invites for your special event. We provide calligraphy services for weddings, events and much more. We approach our work with passion and attention to details. Calligraphy for Weddings is the way of addressing to your guests and loved ones in a very intimate way. Elegant Luxury Wedding Invitations will make the difference in your Wedding! Beautiful Wedding Invitations are what you are looking for? If you have some ideas already about your event, let’s start the work! You can find below some of our items, meant to inspire!