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Amalia Calligraphy is a boutique calligraphy design studio, ready to offer you handwritten calligraphy for weddings, special events, bespoke gifts, vows or home decoration items, all to treasure and love.

We focus as well on corporate collaborations, creating logos, diplomas, certificates, thank you letters, holiday cards and much more. With over 10 years of experience in lettering and calligraphy, we can offer classic calligraphy, as well as modern styles.

We love what we do and we approach our work with passion and attention to detailes.

Our services range from wedding stationery, envelopes, menus, place cards to poems, quotes and vows beautifully written, as well as decorating items for home and wedding and special calligraphed thank you letters, love letters, holiday cards, diplomas or event invitations.

Calligraphy is a beautiful and artistic way of addressing to guests, loved ones or clients.

Everything we offer can be customized to your desires and needs. All our products are handmade, in this way each item is unique, not identical to some other, as well as the strokes of pen on paper cannot be the same. It’s the perfect imperfection.

Our secret ingredient is love, that can change it all.