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You can embellish your home or office with beautiful pieces of calligraphy like poems, quotes, framed in mandala shapes if you prefer, or simple. We’ve created  calligraphied words cropped in wood to stand on your desk or to enrich the flower bouquet you want to send your beloved one. Or just simply put them into your flower pots. It’s now just a matter of  choice. You can choose as well glass holders or plate holders to color you table.

We can work together in order to create unique gifts, such as poems or quotes,  simple or framed. If you would like decoration items, please visit our online shop on  Etsy.com for orders and ideas. The examples shown are not limited regarding colors or text.  We can deliver objects in stock, or manufacture them as you wish ( a specific color, quote or poem).  If special custom is required, please contact us for a quote and turnaround.