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Years of experience led us to an easy and successful ordering process. Here are all the steps resumed. Below you’ll find as well a detailed process.

  1. Contact for availability and quotation.
  2. Fill-in-form /mail for details, styles, colors etc.
  3. Personalised quotation.
  4. Order confirmation.
  5. Payment for the non-refundable design and text fee through direct bank transfer. If you already have the texts,provide them to us.
  6. You receive the proposals in 3-5 business days.
  7. Once you have chosen the design, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required for booking and   start manufacturing your items.
  8. Proof approval.
  9. Work in progress.
  10. The rest of the balance is dued in order to deliver your items.

For all orders that imply calligraphy the process is described below. First, contact us for availability and quotation.  In order to begin you  have a fill-in-form to complete, so we can find out more about your event –date, items needed, colors, textures. If you don’t like this method, we can always   communicate via e-mail or phone. If you need text creation as well, give us the information needed.  This way we can give you a personalized quotation . After you have your quotation  we need your confirmation for the order. We’ll start with the design, after paying the fee for this stage.The design fee is included in the total balance. Please note that for us, the creation is just one step of the work. At this point you can send us your texts. If you want us to do the texts, give us some more details, to include this in your quotation as well. In 3-5 business days we’ll send you 2-3 proposals ,meaning pictures of the models and  you pick one of them.  You will receive pictures of the proposals in order for you to choose , not a file in an electronic format in order for you to print. At this point a non-refundable  50% deposit is required for booking . Then you will approve the design and text.  Then we start manufacturing each of your items, that should be ready in 3-6 weeks, or at the date booked. The remaining balance will be required to pay at the finishing of the project, in order to send you your items.