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We wellcome you to the enchanted world of lettering, inks and pens.

Please enter our realm and let the magic flow upon paper, wood or silk, and just imagine one of the most beautiful days of your life… bewitched …. unique.
Wedding day can be embellished with love ribbons and harmonious touches of beauty.
Allow your eyes and senses to be delighted for some moments and belive you deserve it.

Why calligraphy? For the intimate and personal way to reach someone. Or better said reach each one. For its beauty. For its flowing shapes. For its harmony.

Why handcrafted and handwritten? For its perfect imperfection. For the sake of uniqueness. For the vibe and energy they get while being created. Your items will look very much alike, but not identical.

Why Amalia Calligraphy? Because we save you precious resources: energy, time and money. You don’t have to stress about finding a stationer, a calligrapher, seek for a design, or waste time in finding out  text etiquette for invitations . You just provide us the guests list, date of the event, style of your décor , colors and we come up with the proposals. You choose and there we go manufacturing your items!